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St. Francis' College Model United Nations




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5th and 6th October


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Secretary General's Message

It is with utmost pleasure and delight that I invite you to the third chapter of St. Francis' College Model United Nations.

Since its inception, St. Francis’ College Model United Nations has endeavoured to provide a dynamic and immersive experience to its delegates- a tradition which we intend to carry forward with this year’s diverse committees discussing a wide spectrum of agendas entailing a high standard of debate which would provide an enriching experience to the participating schools and delegates.

The global scenario, today, is dynamic and diverse. Each decision taken by our leaders has its own trail of consequences affecting us as individuals, consequences which haven’t alwaysbeen progressive in nature, and have often given rise to problems which have impacted generations and still persist even after decades. As the youth of this generation it is upon us to understand the impact of these changes around us as a society and also as individuals, and to collaborate towards creating a world which is conducive for development, peace and progress.

At this year’s conference, our aim is to provide a platform for convergence of individuals to discuss and deliberate the global issues which act as barriers for achieving peace in the society and striving towards progress. The attainment of these goals can only become a reality through collaboration, negotiations, constructive debates and deliberations. Model United Nations providethe perfect platform for students to voice their opinions about such issues and work towards overcoming them through innovative solutions.

St. Francis’ College Model United Nations, strives to provide the delegates an experience wherein they would learn about the significance of diplomacy, voicing their opinions through public speaking, and promises that this conference would be memorable for one and all.

Hope to see you all in October!

Pax-et Bonum
Aditya Srivastava

Deputy Secretary General's Message

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

With unparalleled honour and pride, I invite you to the third chapter of St. Francis’ College Model United Nations.

Debuting in 2017, our Model UN has gradually emerged as one of the leading conferences in the Lucknow circuit, and alongside Expression, holds a key place in the Franciscan calendar year. Without a tinge of obfuscation, our world today faces a plethora of pressing issues. Some, of course, emerging only in the recent past and some which have been plaguing our society since the numerous decades. In the long run, the solution to both lies in the hands of the current generation. Our generation. It’s high time we realize the responsibility which we hold as citizens of the world, and start acting towards the same.
At an hour when intolerance, sectarianism and orthodoxy are touching dangerously new heights, we, at St. Francis’ College Model United Nations, aspire to provide you with an opportunity to debate, discuss and deliberate upon the same intricate affairs, in order to foster a spirit of acceptance, awareness and ingenuity.

Hope to see you this October.

Pax-et Bonum.
Shashank Mehrotra
Deputy Secretary-General

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